About Us

Miss Nora is a journey of 'Palate Recreation’ in the middle of Eastern Asia! The unfathomed taste that makes you delve in an emotional outburst, is what you should anticipate. It’s not an anecdote that we recite and forget, it’s a tale we indulge in and cherish..!!

Rare recipes from the Suburbs in the Far East have been picked profoundly by our team, to make the experience exclusive.

This experience helped us to discover the compelling flavors throughout the region, bringing us to the menu, that's a diverse and delectable assortment.


Celebrating a unique and colourful cuisine, superb gastronomy and memorable hospitality, MISS NORA is a contemporary yet authentic approach to traditional Far Eastern cuisine. The restaurant serves up refined far eastern cuisine that preserves the essence and complexities of traditional food.

The Place

Rare Pan Asian culture, Japanese patterns, Cherry Blossom - these elements inspire the elegant, unique and sensorial design of Miss Nora, capital’s newest Far Eastern specialty restaurant.